God Loves, Man Kills

Rose's rambling rambled thoughts #3

Crazy mansion time?

Things have really been strange. I had this dream that I thought was real. Maybe it was real but I don’t understand how it could be at all. We were at this mansion and there were these ghost servants? and this guy who was obsessed with his wife who died and tried to bring her back to life. But after every fail attempt, he got more desperate. We searched the house for clues and an explanation of where we were at but all we found were his failed attempts, all looking the same except for a small difference and some notes scattered around the house. We found clones of Pepe too and later on, we found clones of ourselves. To say in the least, it was a disturbing dream.

We ended up “waking up” after meeting the real master of the mansion and discovering who “Riley” was. Was it really a dream, and how do I even know if I’m really awake right now? It seems as though things are going to just get harder.

I guess it’s time for me to get serious about this adventure…



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