Hey Party people!
So for this part I wanted to leave most of it a secret and implement it by design, but I think yall (the players) and me (the Drunken Mongrel) will have more fun if I give you guys a loaded gun and just watch the madness you guys produce.
At the start of our story you guys were given some Godly power and were named “avatars” of sort to that god. It was always my intention to have you guys become fully fledged gods in your own rights. NEW GODS!!! That means moar powers, If you liked your current set of powers you were not going to lose them. I was going to give you even more.
So to help create this I need a few things from yall:
1. I need you to design a portfolio for your domain. What do you want to be the god or goddess of? This can be a subset of your current powers (Like Rey-rey can be the god of Gales or whirlwinds) or it can be something completely new or different (Like Erik can be the god of pastries) You can even switch abstracts or ideals (Like Rose god(or goddess?) of kindness or naughtiness). As long as it’s a noun you can go nuts. Also if you want to be a god of a subject that already exist try to either specify or getting around it. If you want to be the god of death you can claim to be the god of bones or something. Just clarify what your intent is and how literal you want your title to be (maybe you just really want to command all the bones, shit I don’t know).
2. The second part of the campaign also deals with building the mythos or history of your god. I believe everyone has 3 “?” objectives. Well they are going to change and essentially be quest for the second part of the campaign. What I need from you guys is:

1. I want you to think of the objective of your first quest as an event establishes a day of celebration (or sadness). Why do people celebrate Sven-givings or Arlinder-mas? You don’t have to plan the scenario from top to finish but just give me the occasion and the reason why people celebrate it. In other words, give me an event worthy of people celebrating it annually.

2. Give me an event or goal that would be of importance to your characters. Its okay if it has elements from the story (like if you want to do something with or for a NPC that you’ve met) but for the most part I want this to be completely independent from the actual story.

3. Give me an event or scenario that teaches some kind of moral lesson. This will be the story passed down to children at Sunday school. Some things I want you to remember is that morality as a whole is blended so don’t worry about teaching a necessarily good or bad lesson. When you submit this to me please tell me the actual lesson learned or the lesson you want to convey.

3. Come up with a symbol. All gods gotta have a symbol
4. Tell me how you want your church or worshipers to operate.
The only real RULE I have is to try to keep things feasible and try to keep yourself in scope. While I don’t mind you challenging something strong, don’t tell me that people celebrated the day you killed 15 Tarrasque all with your dick. I want these to be fun but not senseless. No Deadpools please.
With what you guys still have left to do, plus the mandatory quest needed in the second part your still looking at about 3 or 4 sessions before we get to any of this. However the sooner you guys get back to me, the sooner you guys get to enjoy this. If you guys have any questions or comments let me know. I am also going to post this on our lonely obsidian portal.

God Loves, Man Kills

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